Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,Bangalore
S J M Vidyapeetha (R)
  • Recognised by Medical Council of india,New Delhi
    U.12012/112/1999-ME(P-II) Dated 28/03/2008
    Chitradurga , Karnataka

Departments  -  Community Medicine


The Department of Community Medicine is the connecting link between community and Health care provider. The Objective of this Department is to provide a high quality training in Community Medicine to the Under Graduate and Post Graduate students as community and primary care physician and to manage the health problems of the community. Activities

1} Running the rural health centre (RHTC) at Yelagodu
2} Running urban health training centre (UHTC) at Ayyanapet
3} Conducting camps regularly
4} Conducting immunization weekly
5} Providing health care knowledge to public

The other activities of the Department are to conduct basic research and training programmes and also to provide & promote preventive and curative health services to the community, for the health and welfare of the people.





Name:Dr. Nagendra Gowda M.R.

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Professor & HOD

Name:Dr. Umakantha A G

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,


Name:Dr. Kotresh M

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Associate Professor /Incharge RHTC

Name:Dr. Ramya V


Associate Professor /Incharge UHTC

Name:Dr. Sudharani M

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Assistant Professor

Name:Dr. Rashmi B M

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Assistant Professor/Epidemiologist

Name:Dr. A.M. Amrutha

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Assistant Professor

Name:Dr. Vijayalakshmi S M

Qualification:MBBS., MD.,

Assistant Professor

Name:Mrs. Sridevi B K


Statistician /Tutor

Name:Dr. Bhagyashree Kathari


PG / Tutor

Name:Dr. Bhoovan Chandran M


PG / Tutor

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