Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,Bangalore
S J M Vidyapeetha (R)
  • Recognised by Medical Council of india,New Delhi
    U.12012/112/1999-ME(P-II) Dated 28/03/2008
    Chitradurga , Karnataka

SJM Vidyapeetha

Fort City

Chitradurga is one of the famous historical centers of Karnataka State. It is Located in the central part of Karnataka. This city is about 200 kms away from the Capital City Bengaluru on National Highway No-4 towards Mumbai. It is a District Head Quarters and connected to Rail & Road routs of all important cities and towns of the Karnataka State. This place is known for historical and archaeological monuments of pre- historic period. The magnificent rocks on Chinmuladri Hills, seven round rock fort built by the famous Palegars who ruled the region during the middle of the last century, the Chadravalli inscription of Kadambas period and Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Math have added ancient value to the place.


SJM Vidyapeetha

The SJM Vidyapeetha started Basaveshwara Medical College in the backward district Chitradurga, to reach the medical education to the un reached in particular and the development of this backward region in general, in the year 2001-02.

Today it is a full-fledged college with required physical and human infrastructure as required by the Medical Council of India and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. The Hospital, including the urban and rural health centres, is developed not merely with an intension to provide teaching material to students but also with the social commitment of providing health care to the common folk of the district. It is the only medical college functioning in the entire district. Students from all parts of the country are undergoing medical education imparted on spiritual and moral base.

SJ M Math


This beautiful hill-rocks and green city is a place of famous historical, religious and charitable institution - Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Brihanmath, which is well known for its Social, Economical and Educational activities not only in Karnataka State but also in other parts of India. This Math inherits the renown culture of sharanas of 12th Century AD Karnataka during which period the famous social, economic and cultural revolution took place under the stewardship of Lord Basaveshwara. These sharanas fought for the cause of untouchables, poor and deprived people to give them a new life which ensured them the equality, liberty and fraternity — the espoused values of today's democracy. Hence, this math has a long history of 9 centuries of social service rendered irrespective of caste, creed and gender inequalities.

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